juicy beef burger
Chill outdoor cafe
Storyline relax ambience
cozy and relax cafe
cozy storyline cafe
private corner co-working space
share co-working space
cozy share co-working space
free wifi co-working
ฟรี wifi มุมส่วนตัว เงียบ
salmon wakame ponzu sauce
smoked salmon salad w sour cream
delicious mocha cheesecake
lemon cheesecake
raw truffle and ice matcha latte
raw rose tart
strawberry delight sundae
spicy chorizo penne
somtum with grilled chicken
spicy larb salmon
pesto bacon penne
casual style dining
strawberry milkshake
dangerously red strawberry raspberry
100% fresh juice
italian macchiato
friendly neighbourhood cafe
scrumptious cake
rib-eye steak sandwich
chocolate macadamia cake
poached egg caesar salad
hot cappucino
hot americano
breakfast french toast
american breakfast
american breakfast scrambled eggs
egg chorizo
healthy breakfast muesli
fresh orange juice
gin tonic delight
toast with butter and jam
salmon salsa w avocado on corn cake
aromatic coffee
tasty hearty meal
ham and cheese sandwich
grilled salmon salad
refreshing cocktails gin tonic
house white wine
bubbly champagne
house red wine
bottled beers

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fresh orange juice